Friday, October 14, 2011

Chuck E. Cheese Coupons and Tokens!

I'm pretty sure 99.9% of kids love Chuck E Cheese. Well sign up here or type your zipcode in and get coupons for the place. Never pay full price for tokens again!

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Batty For Oreos?

Aren't these little bats just adorable? So simple to make too. Here's the recipe. I think these would be pretty batastic for a kid's classroom Halloween party don't you?

$35 in P&G Coupons from Home Made Simple

It's mid-october, so it seems it's that time of month know to sign up for your monthly Home Made Simple booklet of course.

Free 2 oz Bath and Body Works Lotion!

If you're like me your thinking about Christmas already and it's only mid October. Well this 2 oz bottle of Be Enchanted lotion, sounds like a well enchanting stocking stuffer. Click here for the coupon!

Captain D's Free Desserts

I'm pretty sure we don't have any Captain D's up here in Maine. I'm pretty sure it's a southern thang. Could be wrong. But If you sign up here. You get free dessert every week. Although it seems they frown upon just eating dessert so you have to buy an entree as well.