Hello. I feel if you read the description you already know a good bit about me. But here's a little more. I'm new to this blogging thing so if you have anything you want to see posted then I'm more then willing to oblige if I can.  although i will not be posting anything pertaining to Walmart due to my employment with them. No conflict of interest here! I work a really odd schedule so there might be posts at midnight or later.
I do not have kids. Unlike most frugal bloggers. But i do have a family, an uncle whose awesome, when he's not crabby and two cats and a dog. So I'm always looking for good pet deals and freebies for Ding, Snickers, and Dakota.
I am creating this blog more so I can save money and hopefully be able to get to college sometime soon. College costs a lot of money and I'm in a limbo of sorts since i moved, I can't apply for grants or state loans because i haven't been in the state a year so any little bit i can save is well worth it.
I also love love love swagbucks. I'm an avid user as well as part of the facebook community. I love the people and I love getting the stuff for free. I just ordered a keurig coffee pot with Amazon Gift Cards. :)
 If you'd like to contact me feel free to at