Saturday, July 30, 2011

How To: Plan Ahead For Shopping

What's the best way to save money? By far the best way to get the maximum savings is to match ads to coupons. I find the easiest way to do that is to visit the fourmn website, and find my local ad. Luckily, a poster tends to post my shaw's ad tuesday mornings so i have plenty of time to get my things put together.

Another great way to save those pennies to keep a price book. A price book helps you get a guesstimate amount before you hit the check out, so you don't get those nasty little surprises. Everyone should keep one I think. How's the best way to come about this? Keep your reciepts and document the prices of things as you buy them. :) This way you will know for sure the price of the items you buy most often.

I also have found another website lately. is very helpful. This website gives a fairly accurate cost of items at walmart! This is excellent! I was so surprised to find out just helpful this site it. I also use this with 10% added to get a good estimate for the cost of items at other stores. I tend to get pretty close.

Every penny you save is a penny you can put forward towards other items! So don't give up! Even if your just getting started, I know this can be hard to figure out but it's worth it in the end!

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