Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you look around on this blog then you where realize something is missing. Ive decided that the "Coupons that need homes" portion really wasn't taking off. So instead I've decided to run a giveaway every month that will be all the coupons I have that I wont be using. Right now I have 2 envelopes up, one is full of kids/babies things and the other is all about food! Go check it out! I will try to give away 1-2 envelopes a month of coupons. The envelopes will always have more then ten dollars worth of coupons in it. :) So figure you're getting $10 in savings mailed right to your doorstep! How awesome is that!
Keep on the look out for more changes. Including more giveaways on various things. :)

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