Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to: Coupon 15 minutes a day!

When your scrambling to find the 25th hour in the day you probably tell yourself your couponing can wait until tomorrow. That's where you're wrong. Waiting until the last minute before you shop can make you miss that all important coupon/sale match up. It can also make you loose coupons which is just like loosing money! But let's face it you are online checking, email, shopping, and poking people on facebook at least 15 minutes a day. So try to put these simple actions into motion when you have a few extra minutes to spare. You dont have to do it all at once. Take a deep breath, and relax, couponing doesn't have to be stress inducing and complicated. I've seen many a person get flustered when it come to couponing. I hope these tips will help YOU!

  • Check,, and; I recommend checking these in the morning.
  • Cut apart your inserts/print outs one day and organize them the next. You dont have to do it all at once. Just be sure to put them in a safe place!
  • Go on Facebook and check out your favorite brand. A lot of companies have coupons conveniently on there facbeook page.
  • Find 2-5 blogs that pertain to your interests in frugal living, check them a couple times a day for updates
  • Once a week, I recommend the day before you go shopping clean out your coupons. Donate your expired coupons to the military here.
  • Sort your sunday inserts into two piles, one pile you will be using soon and the other you're not likely to use. Only clip the ones you'll defiantly use. Get a simple folder to put the inserts you probably wont use in.

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