Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To: Start Stockpiling, Correctly!

I'm sure by now you've all seen at least one episode of Extreme Couponing. Right? You've seen all the wonderful stockpiles those couponers have accumulated over time. Well I just started with the stockpiling thing. I'm gonna give you some tips and things that I wish I would have thought of earlier. First thing that's important is you need to budget in a set amount every week to spend on building your stockpile. My general budget for this is around $10.

Best ways to Stockpile:
- Buy what you will use. If you've never tried a product even if it is an amazing deal don't buy oodles of it until you've tried it and know you/your family like it. Or you'll end up with a bunch of food nobody will eat!
-Buy easy to stockpile items, like travel sized deodorant, soap, and body wash.
- Also remember to practice moderation. To much of a good thing CAN be bad. Especially if you're like me and don't have much room to begin with.
- Pick a time table that you'd like to have enough supplies for. Most people do 6 months - 1 year. Due to space restrictions ( hello, I live in a trailer!) I'm hoping to have enough or 3 months.
- Also if your stockpiles slowly begining to take over your home and your life. STOP BUYING! Only buy essentials that you don't have ( I.e. Eggs and milk) until you whittle down that stockpile a little.
- Never ever clear the shelves. Even if you have a bunch of like coupons. I follow the 50/50 rule. Leave 50% buy 50%. So there is plenty for other customers.

Miscellaneous tips:
Buy easy to store items. I.e Toilet paper, paper towels canned goods and toiletries. to start.
Here's some helpful coupons for you to start/fill your stockpile:
Listerine Mouth Wash , Trial size Free
Renyolds Aluminum foil, OVERAGE $.03

Leave your comments/questions/tips in the comments below! I wanna hear from you guys!
Also don't forget to check out the links above, you can get a lot of high value/freebie coupons from writing companies!


  1. From what i seen those people on Extreme couponing their stock piles take over their whole house! :-O

  2. Thats not SUPPOSE to happen. Thats way to much.

  3. Keys to stockpiling:
    1. Wait to buy toiletry and non-perishable items when they are sale.
    2. Use coupons with the sale.
    3. Instead of buying 1 item that you know you will buy again, buy several to last you a few months. They are on sale! You will be saving money in the end. When you find you are running out, these items will probably be on sale again! Sales always run in cycles.

  4. just starting to coupon,hope it as easy as it sounds ..any advice?

  5. I think if you have the means to do it, donate some of your stockpile to shelters or church programs. They can always use help!

  6. My tip is:

    Make sure to stockpile on items while they are on sale and have good coupons:)

  7. I moved from a city where it was easy to buy papers cheaply with good coupons, to a small town where the opposite was true. So I've really changed my strategy from depending on insert coupons, to just paper coupons and watching for sales.
    My stockpiling before was mostly toiletries and paper towel, now I have started paying more attention to food products.
    Food is increasing in price, so buy things that you use, and that will last a long time. Flour lasts forever in the freezer, you can also use airtight containers to keep flour, sugar etc fresh.
    I stockpile all sorts of pasta(they are good for at least 2 years), beans, canned tomatos and pasta sauce, coffee, cocoa, condiments.
    Pay attention to deals at Amazon. In the last few months I have purchased folgers coffee, community coffee, real maple syrup, honey, peanut butter, oat bran, milled flax seed, and hersheys cocoa from there at prices better than sale/coupon prices.

  8. My tip is to stock up when things are on sale.

  9. According to me stock up should be done at festival and holiday sale to get highest possible discount on most needed products.