Friday, May 27, 2011

The Most Common Coupon Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes right? So I've decided to make this guide so less mistakes will happen, when your couponing! Helpful right?

I've fallen to this mistake few times, and I'm sure others have too. Looking t the picture on the coupon and not the print! What should you look out for?
  • Look for small print specifying size most commonly found are " excluding Trial sizes" or a specific oz. the product should be.
  • Look for specific products indicated by flavor/color/quantity i.e. Cherry flavored, or 5 count box
  • Limited quantities like coupons that limit how many you can use per customer.These are mostly found on store coupons. Don't make several transactions and use a lot of these coupons.
Stacking coupons is complicated when you first start out. I had trouble with it at first as well. When can you stack coupons?
  • When you have a BOGO coupon with a $/1 coupon this makes some nice prices!
  • When you have a coupon for 2 or more and a coupon for $/1
  • My absolute favorite is when you can stack a store coupon with a manufacturer's coupon. A store coupon generally has the store logo on it and says " store coupon" at the top. Doing this is even better when there is a sale on those items!
Now this one might be a given. But I've done it. check and double check your expiration dates on coupons. this makes your final transaction smoother and less stressful in the end!

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