Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Rebirth Of Couponing

Did you know that the first coupon was put out for Coca Cola in 1887? Isn't that ironic, when it's hard to find Coke coupons now a days?! Coupons didn't appear again for another 12 years after that! This time for Grapenuts!

A lot of people think of older women "grandmas" so to speak clipping those coupons. But let me tell you couponers are absolutely every where! There are people saving for college*, people saving for vacations**, and who knows how many mommies*** trying to save a buck on those pricey diapers! Even a few men in the bunch****! :) Couponing is evolving!

Evolution is always a good thing right? That's not always true. We've all seen the show Extreme Couponing. I for one have nothing against anyone trying to save money, but there are things I see repeatedly that I completely disagree with! Who needs 40 mustards? No one! Especially if you're completely clearing the shelf to get that many! The best rule in my eyes to use if you are stockpiling and have several coupons is to do the 50/50 rule. If there are twenty on the shelf then buy ten, or call your store and see i they can preorder your items for you. I definitely recommend this if you're buying over ten items! There has also been accusations of people altering barcodes, and scanning coupons!! This is fraud! There are also fraudulent coupons***** out there so keep an eye out for those!

What does that mean or us good couponers only looking to save a few bucks? Everything is changing! Coupon policies are changing, like the recent Riteaid change. So don't forget to be smart, and be ethical! Show the world we aren't all bad apples!

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** Couponing to Disney - A Blog that shows you how to save money for a vacation
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***** Awesome blog that shows you the fake coupons out there.


  1. Thanks for the post! You're awesome!!

  2. No problem! :) You deserve a little acknowledgement for being an honest couponer!

  3. I saw a coke coupon this morning in the walgreens flyer for a free case of coke! -Nic

  4. My ethical tip is to buy only things that you will use, unless of course you donate it. Don't clear shelves of something other people really need just because you can get it for free!
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  5. Don't try to cheat the companies by using 2 coupons on an item that says you can only use one.